Solar Powered Auto Feeder For Fish pond and shrimp pond

The dietary habit of Penaeus vannamei is to eat snacks many times a day,

This has brought a lot of trouble to the farmers.

The design of the feeder is not only suitable for the dietary habits of Penaeus vannamei, but also saves manpower,

Reduced feed consumption and increased production.

In order to avoid the trouble of erecting power line.

Therefore, we have specially designed solar feeders for Central American fisheries.

The device combines the solar power supply system and the output.

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Solar Powered Auto Feeder For Fish pond and shrimp pond

Product Parameters


Motor Power


Container  volume



Through  Angle Through  Distance
SFM-100KGS 18W/12V 100KG 42KG 360° >14M
FM-100KGS 40W/220V 100KG 40KG 360° >14M


Solar Powered Auto Feeding Machine

1.The use of solar power generation, battery charging work, more environmentally friendly.

2.Without the sun, cloudy or rainy conditions, the battery can last 5-7 days

3.Through the controller settings, automatic feeding, more effort

4.Can prevent manual non-standard operation, resulting in uneven feed water pollution, more secure.

5.Adopting the method of rotating and throwing bait, the feed crushing rate is reduced, and the cost is saved.

6.Using the best components, solar panels for 25 years, PLC control system can be used for more than 3 years, solar cells can be used for 2 years.


Auto Feeding Machine

1.Easy to operate, a finger, high precision, depending on the time, the weight of intelligent settings.

2.With multiple modes of operation, memory function

3.360 degrees without dead throw material, radius of up to 14 meters.

4.The machine parts are well designed, the feed is not broken, the material is not fed, the material is balanced, and the wind speed is not affected.

5.With automatic power-off function, safety and security

6.The same host can control 8 feeders, saving 80% manpower and time.

7.Reduce feed loss by 30%, avoid feed waste and improve water quality.

8.Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, less power than domestic fluorescent lamp.

9.The utility model has the advantages of small size, light weight, large capacity, easy installation, easy replacement of parts and low maintenance cost.


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