Auto Adjust Feeding Machine For Fish pond and shrimp pond

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Auto Adjust Feeding Machine For Fish pond and shrimp pond

Product Parameters

1.The Feeding machine is composed of a material box, a frame, a material throwing mechanism (the main motor, throwing tray cover etc.), feeding mechanism (feeding motor, an eccentric connecting rod, vibration feeding box etc.), adjust the handle and lock nut, electric control box etc.

2.When the feeding machine works, the feed in the feed box through the vibrating feeding mechanism will feed the feed evenly into the throwing tray, and the throwing plate is under the centrifugal action of the main motor, and the feed is quickly and evenly thrown to the fishing pond. The blanking amount can be controlled accurately by adjusting the handle and the locking nut. Using the control box of electric appliance to control the working time of the motor, so that the feed machine can realize the purpose of timing, quantitative and fixed point feeding of grain feed.

3.The feeding machine structure is simple, stable performance, reliable, accurate and adjustable blanking amount, convenient maintenance, feeding area, saving feed, save labor, reduce labor intensity, to facilitate scientific management is a new type of fish ponds, fishing fishermen fish essential scientific machine.

4.Another type feeding machine power is 90w,it can according your request to adjust your throw distance.It fit for Europe Small fish pond.


Main Technical Data



Motor Power


Container  volume



Through  Angle Through  Distance
STLZ-120W-65KG 120W/220V 65KG 36KG >110° >16M
STLZ-120W-80KG 120W/220V 80KG 40KG >110° >16M
STLZ-120W-120KG 120W/220V 120KG 45KG >110° >16M
STLZ-120W-200KG 120W/220V 200KG 48KG >110° >16M
STLZ-120W-240KG 120W/220V 240KG 55KG >110° >16M
STLZ-90W-40KG 90W/220V 40KG 30KG >110° 3-13M
STLZ-90W-65KG 90W/220V 65KG 32KG >110° 3-13M
STLZ-90W-80KG 90W/220V 80KG 40KG >110° 3-13M
1.This Pipeline Feeding machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, remote throwing feed, throwing and throwing uniform, large area, 360 degrees of feeding, timing, interval, artificial dispersal characteristics of scientific pisciculture, reduce labor intensity, improve the utilization rate of feed.
2.Throwing tray of similar products are parallel, throwing feed easily when the fish scales, thereby reducing the blind eye, the survival rate of fry. According to numerous experiments we re design, throwing tray tilted slightly upward by the parabola principle, throwing out the feed distance without injuring fry.
3.The power output of the motor shaft is greatly shortened, solved due to the high speed rotation of the motor shaft is easy to bend and fracture phenomena.
4.Feed joint is provided with 6 holes evenly feed, solved the products can not reach 360 degrees uniform throwing.
5. In the design, the impeller is placed under the motor, which solves the phenomenon that the similar products are easy to be blocked.
Main Technical Data

Motor Power


Container volume

pipeline Length


Through Angle Maximum feeding capacity
STFZ-3000W 3KW/380V 500KG 40-50M 360° 300KG/H
STFZ-4000W 4KW/380V 500KG 40-65M 360° 300KG/H

1.This Air Supply type feeding machine have large hopper capacity: 400 kgs, 500 kgs,600 kgs etc.

2.Feeding speed: one hour maximum feeding amount of 800-1000kgs , speed can be adjusted according to need.

3.Long transmission distance: 50M, 80M, 100M and so on, throw the circle radius is 22m, the area of 1200 square meters.

4.The rate of powder is very low: 0.3%-0.5%, Compared to the traditional and other types of machines to reduce about 10 times.


How to correctly use the feeding machine:

Automatic feeding machine for saving time and labor, and can reduce the labor burden, so much favored by fishermen. But the use of feeding machine should also have the correct method, otherwise, will loss outweighs the gain.  


1.Installation feeding confidential select the appropriate location. Cast sprinkle surface should face the open side of the pond, feeding so wide; deeper level, to facilitate fish snatch; two pools side by side can share one feeding machine, chassis made activities, turn a direction then ok .

2.To adjust the distance and time interval of feeding feeding distance should be determined according to the size of fish, not too close or too far. Interval time to consider the season, the size of the fish, bait feeding amount and other factors, with the last feeding of the feed before feeding the next feed is appropriate to eat.

3.One week have one day feeding by artificial, recording the fish every appetite, this week will be according to the amount of feeding into the box, according to the provisions of the amount of feed, best not to change. Should pay attention to the rainy days to stop feeding.

4.Every half a month to carry out the whole pond disinfection, to check whether there is food residue at the bottom of the table. Should not be expected to turn on the practice of material. No matter how to eat of the fish, After the fish do not eat, the machine is still on working, the sink is not only a waste of material, and will dirty the water.

5.To often observe the fish food situation and activities once found fish activities decreased appetite, slow and so on, it is necessary to check whether the fish get sick, in order to seize the opportunity, as soon as possible to avoid the loss of control.


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