Available aeration tube 1

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Available aeration tube 1

Product Parameters



Aeration tube
Type Outer Diameter(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Inside(mm) Weight(g/m) Meter/bundle
Φ10-15-C 10 1.5 7 45 200
Φ10-15-BC 45
Φ10-15-B 45
Φ14-25-C 14 2.5 9 85 200
Φ14-25-BC 90
Φ14-25-B 95
Φ16-30-C 16 3 10 115 200
Φ16-30-BC 120
Φ16-30-B 125
Φ18-35-C 18 3.5 11 150 200
Φ18-35-BC 155
Φ18-35-B 160
Φ20-35-C 20 3.5 13 160 100
Φ20-35-BC 165
Φ20-35-B 170
Φ21-40-C 21 4 13 200 100
Φ21-40-BC 205
Φ21-40-B 210
Φ22-40-C 22 4 14 205 100
Φ22-40-BC 210
Φ22-40-B 215
Φ25-40-C 25 4 17 240 100
Φ25-40-BC 245
Φ25-40-B 250
Φ25-50-C 25 5 15 295 100
Φ25-50-BC 300
Φ25-50-B 305
Φ25-60-C 25 6 13 310 100
Φ25-60-BC 315
Φ25-60-B 320
Φ25-70-C 25 7 11 335 100
Φ25-70-BC 340
Φ25-70-B 350
Φ28-40-C 28 4 20 290 100
Φ28-40-BC 295
Φ28-40-B 300
Φ28-60-C 28 6 16 340 100
Φ28-60-BC 350
Φ28-60-B 360



Aeration Tube Knowledge:


Super microporous aeration by new micro molecular material tube, atomization effect ranked first in all types of aeration tube, Its working principle is: by air compressor pump pressure, so that uniform aeration tube to expand and reach the design value, A lot of air bubbles (diameter: 20 ~ 30um) coming out from the wall, in the water in the smoke state, Rise very slowly, dissolved oxygen effect is remarkable, to dramatically improve the oxygen content in the water, Increasing the mobility of water, improve the density of aquaculture.

  1. Microporous aeration tube: Microbore tubing formulations contain trace amounts of antimicrobial agents, effective complexing in the rubber group, insoluble in water, to prevent the breeding of bacteria and algae in the wall. Underwater aeration allows the lower anoxic water replenished more oxygen to make water filled the air evenly spread to all the water layer, Enable the underlying factor in anaerobic conditions to produce oxygen diffusion to accelerate the toxic gas into the air, No vibration and low noise of the cycle of normal activities of fish without interference.
  2. Aeration pipe, anti clogging and good, sludge and other organic matter within the pores of reverse osmosis, Small gas running resistance, Can improve the oxygen utilization rate 1-3 times, and save electricity, save cost.
  3. The outlet of symmetry, good aeration effect, applicable to the cement desalination pool, nursery pond, pond and other temporary winter greenhouse.
  4. Crab and shrimp sterile dilution stocking density up to 10kg / m2 or more and normal oxygen supply, install a spacing 30-50 cm and a length of 15 meters can be a single head intake must be two intake within 30 meters, More than 30 meters have to open the three-way lead in the middle of the hose to the gas pipeline, multi-stage intake. Porous aeration tube diameter 10 mm, limited by the gas when the pressure is too high intake aeration around the head is too large, single distance more than 10 meters, the peripheral gas supply can not keep up and insufficient aeration. When you install peripheral level possible height than the inlet section of 30-50 cm high, help to reduce the pressure to reduce the release of aeration resistance, as far as possible to achieve a uniform whole outlet section, the main conduit mounted in the middle of the deepest, or use hoses to put into He received the deepest gas then connected to the aeration pipes.
  5. 2Ha-0.35Ha below the small soil pond, you can also use strip type mounting arrangement porous aeration tube, a mounting pitch 2-5 meters. Length of 15 meters can be a single head intake must be two intake within 30 meters. Insert a small piece of bamboo pile is fixed with a nylon rope in the dirt when installed, then the antibiotic type microporous aeration tube banding together, all level as far as possible, is conducive to the gas balance. 0.07Ha water surface using microporous aeration pipe 50-80 meters. 2.2 kilowatts Roots blower can take 200 to 400 m microporous aeration tube, 3 kW Roots blower can take 600 meters microporous aeration tube 4 kW Roots blower can take 700 to 800 m microporous aeration tube.
  6. Width of 15 meters below the river bottom and flat strips can also use porous aeration tube mounting arrangement, but must be dry pond installation and maintenance.

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Tube Details:


 <1> Application   

Used to make the dissolved oxygen in the water reach higher amount and enhance the stocking density. Apply to aquaculture, sewage treatment, garden irrigation, greenhouse grow.

<2> Tube

Rubber aeration tube

<3> Cold resistance(-40°C,8h)

 Tensile length                 ≥2.2 Mpa 

Tensile elongation         ≥130 percent

<4> Hot empty aging (70°C 72h)

    Tensile strength rate     ≤20 percent 

Break elongation rate    ≤20 percent

<5> Resist 5% NaOH (23°C 72h)

    Tensile strength rate     ≤20 percent

Break elongation rate    ≤20 percent

<6> Resist 5% HCl (23°C 72h)

    Tensile strength rate     ≤20 percent

Break elongation rate    ≤20 percent

<7> Pressure

S-1  200Kpa               

(water seepage amount)                        600-800ml/h.m

S-2  200Kpa 

(water seepage amount)                        10.8l/h.m

200Kpa     increase Oxygen amount     420ml/h.m


Product performance parameters:


Outer Diameter: 10 to 28 mm


Wall thickness: 2 mm above


The bubble diameter: 20-50 um


Dynamic power: 02 / kw. Hr


The air flow: 3-12 cubic meters/m.Hr


Applicable water depth: 0-6 meters


Side Channel Blower : effective water depth about 1 meter, housed density 1-2 times improve.


Centrifugal pump: effective water depth about 2-3 meters, stocking density improve 3-4 times.


Roots Blower : effective 3-10 meters above water depth, the effective length can reach 300m, stocking density can be reached 3-6 times.


Note: no matter you use which kinds of models of air pump, and the pipe section sum is not greater than the total area of main section. If any more questions please feel free to contact us.

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