Available aeration tray 2

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Available aeration tray 2

Product Parameters


Tube Item

Tube Length

Aerobic capacity (m3/h.m)

80cm aeration disc




70-80cm double-layer aeration disc




50-60cm double-layer aeration disc




50-60cm double-layer aeration disc




50-60cm double-layer aeration disc


4 M



  1. Aeration Discs can adjust at the same level for aquatic aerobics, water aquaculture aeration effect of the whole to achieve unity.
  2. Aeration Discs can be self-adjusting according to the uneven effect of farming water horizon.
  3. When the Aeration Discsaeration aerobics does not cut into the clay, silt not stirred aquaculture water, the water body to maintain the original water quality, pond pit is not formed of varying sizes.
  4. In the boot aeration aerobics aeration discwill automatically move the floating screen, bubble aeration diffusion range than conventional aeration plate range, good effect.
  5. Never rust, easy to move.

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Aeration Tube Disc Knowledge:


Super microporous aeration by new micro molecular material tube, atomization effect ranked first in all types of aeration tube, Its working principle is: by air compressor pump pressure, so that uniform aeration tube to expand and reach the design value, A lot of air bubbles (diameter: 20 ~ 30um) coming out from the wall, in the water in the smoke state, Rise very slowly, dissolved oxygen effect is remarkable, to dramatically improve the oxygen content in the water, Increasing the mobility of water, improve the density of aquaculture.


Disc mounting advantage:

1.The longer the pipe, the greater the pressure loss in the pipeline, SEAFULL porous oxygen apparatus differs from other similar products is the number of multi-outlet micropores (than similar products more good times), so if a single oxygen tube too long will cause the gas uneven (tip gas big, little or no back-end). Therefore, we recommend: To achieve the best efficiency if one end of the intake, oxygen tubes with a length not more than 6 meters, both ends of the intake should not exceed 15 meters.

  1. Dissolved oxygen in water is different from the oxygen in the air, dissolved oxygen in water comes mainly from the photosynthesis of algae, which can reach the surface oxygen 8mg / l, only the bottom 4--2mg / l (daytime). When the installation disc, the bubble can be formed in the bottom of the water and surface water exchange, to achieve fast switching, so you can quickly and dissolved oxygen, stratified resolve, and at the same time in the water temperature, can also be the bottom of the ammonia, nitrite and other organic matter decomposition of inorganic substances such as oxygen, to purify the water. The strip installation can not achieve such results.
  2. Easy installation, simple maintenance, easy to take away from the pond, do not affect the pond fishing.

Service life and maintenance of the aeration discs:

1.The service life of microporous aerator aeration disc is 2-3 years.

(after the end of each breeding season, to be cleaned, exposure, and then placed in a cool place to save)

  1. The installation should pay attention to, it should be installed at 20-30 cm from the bottom.
  2. Microporous aeration systemuse time: 

Pre breeding: 10∶00-12∶00am

                2∶00- 4∶00am

 Middle and later period:  10∶00-12∶00am

                            14∶00- 16∶00 pm


                         4∶00- 6∶00am

Within two hours to stop the power when feeding.

  1. Often check the pond, such as aeration facilities operation failure or damage, should immediately repair.
  2. Detection of water, such as dissolved oxygen conditions, the effect of oxygenation can be measured periodically using a dissolved oxygen meter, and make a record, in order to take appropriate action.
  3. Microporous aeration tube device can not be exposed on the surface of the water, can not be close to the bottom of the sediment; otherwise, should be adjusted in a timely manner,
  4. If found the microporous tube aeration is not normal should be timely maintenance.
  5. This pond porous oxygen tube generally three months will not be blocked as a result of excessive algae attached to clogging, picked sun day, shake off the tap fixtures, or 20% of the detergent to soak one hour after cleaning clean, dry and thenuse again.

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